Frequently Asked Questions "FAQ"

Here you will find a comprehensive list of all our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, please feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call.
Q. Do you offer Trade Discounts or Special Offers.
A. Yes. Please contact us for special discounts
Q. Can you send my parcel express? (super fast dispatch and delivery)

A. We sure do. Choose express at checkout and we will send out right away for you. Of course this depends on your time of order and if your order on a weekend or bank holiday the next dispatch will be the next available working day.
99.9% 24 - 48 hours you cannot get better than that for service to a UK mainland address.
There can of course be problems with couriers unable to find difficult addresses but we do our very best to help any express order that is over the 48 hours as long as you work with us to give us contact numbers and helpful delivery details that we can pass to the courier. We do not refund express when we do such an amazing job of sending out super fast.
Q. Do you have a full set of terms and conditions?
A. Yes we do, please click here for our terms and conditions or see our terms link which can be seen at the bottom of every page.
Q. Can I use less tiers?
A. Yes, all our stands allow you to use as many or few tiers as you need, taking from either the top or bottom of the stand. Some of our stands offer even more than just removing tiers, see our latest conference results.
Q. What is the Platinum Range?
A. Top quality 5mm thick solid parts on these stands. These stands have smaller slimmer pillar systems to give you the maximum space per tier.
Q. What is the Gold Range?
A. Top quality 3mm + thick parts, with a cross pillar system to support the tier fully.
Q. Are all your stands brand new?
A. Yes, all our our goods are brand new. We will never send you a used stand.
Q. Are your cake stands easy to put together?
A. Very easy, complete with full instructions to explain how easy it really is. Please follow the easy instructions provided with your order.
Q. How many cakes can a cupcake stand hold?
A. There is a large variation in cakes, some call themselves muffins, whilst others fairy and all sorts of names inbetween. There are shop purchased and home made, simply put - huge varibles.
The amount of cakes any of our stands can hold depends on the size of the cakes you use, a good way to check for your cakes is to cut a template out of paper for a tier and then test your cakes, this works a treat and gives you a great personal guide for buying any cake stand. It is a super visual aid as well & you get a real feel for the tier sizes.
Q. Can I put a larger cake on the top of this stand?
A. The top of our stands are flat and have no raised parts, so you can put a larger cake on top if you want. The cake size you can put on top will depend on the top tier size, of course.
Q. What size are the tiers on the cake stands?
A. All tier sizes are in each listing, please scroll down to view all item details.

Q. Why does my stand look different to the one in the picture or have writing or ink on it?
A. If you've ordered a clear cake stand from us and it appears to be blue, it's because each piece has a 1mm thin scratch-preventing covering on both flat sides.

This covering has a slight blue tint to it and may also have some printed text, but don't worry! All you need to do is peel the covering from the edge of the piece with a fingernail, then flip it over and peel off the other side.

Remember, if your stand still looks blue, there's still some covering on it.
The same goes for any other stand that appears to be the wrong colour to what you've ordered. Here's a helpful video for peeling off that covering.